She’s Got A White TT

Top – H&M

Leggings – River Island

Cardigan – River Island 

Scarf – Primark

Ring – Topshop

001 I found this Tee at a H&M on Oxford Street and it was only a few pound so it was a compulsive buy really, i was not that keen on it. Ooops sorry about that bare feet this was taken late at night! I’ve seen quite a few people wearing this colour of a scarf and i really love it i did buy it last winter but theres even more around this year.
002 I got my nails done on Tuesday and i opted for a more natural colour, they were new in the nail salon so thought i would try it out, instead of a bright colour as always. 

003 I’ve finely rejoined the gym, so ill hopefully be spending a lot of time there this half term as well as a lot of work to do. I’ve just came back from the body attack class and i know i’m going to be feeling it tomorrow. This half term i am also meant to be moving out with my boyfriend into a nice little flat 🙂 fingers crossed we get the keys on Monday, so it’s going to be a very busy week for me.  I have the dentist today as well, i want to get braces again because the first time i had them i didn’t wear my retainer, awful mistake as i have to pay £6000 now and with this internship at LOOK i may just symbolise Ugly Betty.
004 Tomorrow i am meant to be going to London College of Fashion open day (alone), i am so scared i hate travelling on my own! I just know i’m going to get so lost and my phone will run out of battery, as always. I know i have to go though, who knows it might change my mind on the university. If i have time i’m also going to try and find where i’m meant to go for the LOOK internship. I need to think what to wear now. Shit and i also only remembered halloween is THIS weekend. Crap.