You see right through me

Polar neck – New Look

Cardigan – Topshop

Shorts – River Island

001 So this morning i tried to do an outfit video despite getting up nearly an hour late, but i didn’t have enough time remaining on my camera but i tried anyway and it only filmed for 5 minuets. Basically i’m going to film my mornings of me choosing what to wear, so you can see the dilemmas i have and this is the reason why i am always late for college, really i should leave me clothes out the night before. 

The mini shorts with tights is really an idea from Charlotte, she rocks this look all the time. ‘inspiration’ Lol. 

These are the first photos of me with brown hair, ahh. Shame it was a bad hair day, hope to get some nice ones still.

I still need to really buy a coat, but i want to lug around some charity shops before i buy one and see if i can grab myself a bargain. 

002 My Art deadline is tomorrow, only about 6 weeks late, as always.  I still have some work to do tonight to make sure it’s all complete, Sue (our teacher) is great and picking little things you still have not done and i hate that I right pages of work and she does not even care to read it let alone skim read it quickly. 

Coming up to Christmas I also have quite a few presentations to do, I don’t find presentations scary, so i’m not to worried, I just need to motivate myself to get it done. 

Also today i think iv’e narrowed my 5 University choices down to at least six, but i really want to look into them first. Which reminds me, i need to get cracking with my personal statement. 

Tomorrow at 11:00am my class and me are going to be walking out of Sue’s lesson as a protect against banning EMA. Although i don’t get EMA this year as I’m to old, last year i did and it really helped me out. Especially when i didn’t have a job and needed to get to sixth form back in the day. Stopping EMA is a really bad decision. 

003 I’m currently very bored, the boyfriend is at the gym so i’m home alone. Although we live together now, it feels like we don’t see a lot of each other still, just in the evening before bed (sound like an old lady). Guess thats the way it is what with college and work. Boo. I’m just super looking forward to half term, some me time, time to chill and forget about deadlines, I’ve been so argumentative lately so I’m blaming it on all the work i have to do. 




  1. November 24, 2010 / 10:07 pm

    Great blog keep up the great work!!
    Totally unique look…I love it very casual cute! Looks awesome on you!
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  2. November 24, 2010 / 12:09 pm

    Hiiii Joanne! ♥ I sent you an email on IFB.
    I really like your style and your hair!!!!! 🙂
    this outfit is perfect…
    I FOLLOW YOUUUUUUU!! follow me back if you want
    LiDì from Italy

  3. November 23, 2010 / 7:16 pm

    hey! ths is a great look, bloglovin comin right up!

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