♥ Weekly Portrait #10

This week has been such a lazy week, I no thats bad! I only went into college on the Monday and honestly have not done enough work at home as I should have done! I still need to do this presentation just to get an interview for UCA Epsom, which is strange. 

Im happy that the English classes I am taking are going really well, I have been placed on the higher tier paper and predicted a B, so happy, now I just need to get that. 

I’ve decided to get my hair done before I start my Internship, which starts in 14 days, so scared and so much shopping needs to get done. I’ve decided to loose my fringe and get this Jennifer Lopez look. I’m also thinking of what colour nails. Decisions, decisions. 
I’m meeting Jenny tonight, we have not decided what were going to do yet, i doubt I’ll drink as I’m working all day/night tomorrow, boring. That is all my weekend will consist of work. Nothing New. I might do a bit of shopping today ill tweet if I do.  
Im Thinking of changing my ‘Face Friday’ post to weekly portraits, so instead of just one photo it will be selections of photos I have taken throughout the week ( ie when doing my outfit posts) and then sharing them, I think that will be a little more interesting, what do you think?



  1. January 16, 2011 / 2:20 pm

    your post are cool!!!
    levely blog!!!

    Xoxo, b!

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