January Wants ♥

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001 Tights, I defiantly need to own more. I wear leggings way to much, or even just plain black tights and i don’t no why when theres all of these great ‘Pretty Polly’ or ‘House of Holland’ tights, so this month I wanted to share some that have caught my eye. 

Even more so My favourite blog that i came across {AND FOLLOWED} was Olivia Lopez, you should defiantly go and check her own, she is only 18 and is a student and stylist and buyer, how amazing is that, her blog is a really good read, and the photos are mesmerising.

002 Yay. I went to the gym today, and so need that summer body. I wouldn’t mind one like Anna Lynne (90210).

I also brought my 2011 daily dairy today so should be all organised now. 

003 I have been given my new project for Art and it can be on anything I want, I’ve decided to go with Fabrics and Components. That way as a primary source i can sketch from my blogged photos as well as starting a portfolio for my University Interviews. I have to now complete an English essay, well two then of to the bar. 




  1. January 7, 2011 / 8:47 pm

    great selection of photos!love the outfits!

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