Day 6 of Internship with Look

Sheer Shirt – Matalan

Leggings – New Look

Bangles – Mixed

I really think this shirt makes me look at least two sizes bigger than what I am, I prefer it unbuttoned, or maybe I’ll get a belt for it. I had to take my photos when I got home because my camera need new batteries, hence why I’m hiding my face.
It was so nice having the weekend of and not having to work all day and night. I spent the Friday night chilling and watching films then the Saturday I watched the Hills while doing some art work then out of no where my friend Lydia called me and invited me up to hers to go out. As much as i wasn’t up for it at first i’m so glad I did, it took my mind of being alone and made the weekend go quick. The last photo is Lydia (in the middle), her Uni friend and Me. I wore my coral jeans from Topshop with black paten boot heels with a cropped black vest. I didn’t being going out clothes (just the odd dress) as I never expected to be going out. 
I felt so today back at Look but I cannot believe how quick today went. 
I started of my morning doing some returns (the most popular job of being an inter), then I was asked to unpack from the photo shoot that was with Tulisa from N-Dubz, (which I don’t think is out just yet). 
I have been asked to go along to a photo shoot tomorrow with the fashion stylist. I am so excited. Its for the curvy super model search with GMTV. I have to meet her there at 9.30 I just hope I don’t get lost! 
So today I had to pack all of the outfits for the shoot, I cant wait to see how it goes, and what it’s like since this is the route I want to go down. 
I managed to ask her how she got to where she is. She started as an intern for In Style and worked her way up, so there is hope for me yet :).
I feel so much happier today, Im going home on Friday night as I have a christening on Sunday, I have never wanted to see someone so much, I really am missing Aaron, to go from living with them and not seeing them, it’s horrible. I’ve not even spoken to him a lot. Four more sleeps and I’ll be home. 
Week one was a great experience and I really am loving every minuet of it. Today another two girls joined us, because of the Look show next week they need as much help as they can get. The girls are all in their 20’s and have done lots of experience work either with magazines or PR companies, so i’m defiantly going to try and get more, it seems the best way to get into the industry. 



  1. February 8, 2011 / 6:42 pm

    Gorgeous outfit!

  2. February 8, 2011 / 4:05 pm

    have fun on the photoshoot!

    i like the oversized sheer. the floral design is really pretty

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