The Look Show S/S 2011

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The show was fantastic. Although I was backstage and did not get a chance to see it, I have managed to catch up by watching it online. I saw the outfits being put together by the stylists, I saw the model castings, The boards of which order the brands would be shown to dressing the models. All of this can be read in my post ‘back stage’.

The show, showed the typical predictions for this years Spring/Summer trends, vibrant colour, wedges, leather, floppy hats (big inspiration for Feb wants), tribal prints and animal prints. The models wore very little makeup, with the odd model wearing a pastel coloured glow of eye shadow and some with pink lips. 

The models were told to enjoy themselves and smile, have fun. It was a high street catwalk so stern looking faces is not what the magazine wanted to promote. 

When we got a first chance to go out into the party, before the show. There was Champagne being passed out by men in Hawaiian shirts, the whole atmosphere was so fun. The was an ambush of people queuing for the New Look photo booth, instant photos, which you could wear props in and a flowing fountain of chocolate. 

The paparazzi frantically shot photos as the celebrities began flowing through the doors, including; Olivia Palermo, Shayne Ward, Eliza Doolittle, Marina (and the diamonds), Lucy Jones and many more.

Its great to see things on a cat walk show, that can be brought in stores by those who are unfortunate to not be able to afford those more

expensive items, which we tend to lust for. Considering these are high street brands, the show did a fantastic job at making them look classy and high fashion.



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