Happy Birthday To Me.

My birthday is now done and dusted and I don’t feel that much different escaping from a teenager to an ‘adult’. It didn’t even feel like my birthday to be honest. I ended up having a BBQ, I can’t believe the weather stayed perfect for it, then headed to the casino till early hours of the morning, and awoke 2 hours later, hang over free. 
I mostly got money and Topshop vouchers for my birthday which is great because it is just what I need, some summer clothes, a bracelet, wine, so much wine, and costume jewellery. I was happy with what I got, I was even happier with what a lovely day I had, when I was really not looking forward to it!!
I got my nails done, I went for a terracotta colour and pushed the boat out with a nail design. Then I got my hair done, I don’t no if you can tell from the photos but its a caramel blonde. Some of the photos have been edited so it looks darker, but I absolutely love it, and no bleach was used!
I have such a good week planned! Im going out Thursday night and Friday and then of to Essex on Saturday. So a shop is really in need, I may go today. Im so annoyed though, my new white shirt from New Look has just vanished, cannot find it anywhere and it is driving me MAD.