iPhoto Weekly Blogger ♥ Week one

So here is my idea for my blog. Im constantly taking photos so, I will show you the photos I have taken throughout the week (as interesting as possible of course!). 
This week has gone incredibly quick. I only have two left, to date, till I start Uni, for freshers week. EEK. 
Monday is a photo of my gorgeous niece who decided to dress herself in bright pink kickers and mustard colour tights. I cant wait to show her this when she’s 18, she looks like such a 80’s/90’s chick. 
Tuesday I went to France and took along with me many magazines. The only thing to stand out to me was this River Island skirt. Topshop have a similar teal colour one. I cant decide which I like better. But I adore maxi Skirts. 
I finally saw the inbetweeners movie on Wednesday and stopped of for a cheeky KFC before hand and decide to try, for the first time, a moleteaser krusham. Devine. But the straw was to big for my liking. Ha.
The rest of the days consisted in the consumption of alcohol, friends and late nights. 
Today of course has to be my favourite day. I have a car. I went to collect it today. I had to drive it back from London and it drove fine. Im hoping it is hot tomorrow so I can test drive it with the roof down (: 

Im so lost with the days because of the bank holiday. It feels like Sunday. Im relaxing watching Toy Story 3. Might have to think about buying Season 5 of one tree hill for my last to weeks at home. 
Im buying tickets for London Fashion Week, for the Friday, tonight. A group of people who are doing the same course as me are all going so will be a great chance to meet everyone. 
I still have so much to do. 
Ps im back on Twitter after unfollowing a few people @joannechristina




  1. September 4, 2011 / 1:21 pm

    Im of to Epsom, I cant wait 🙂 x

  2. August 29, 2011 / 10:51 pm

    I love week in photos pictures just cus I'm lazy!
    Well jel that you're going to uni, which one are you going to?

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