How do I get you alone

BoobTube – River Island

Skirt – H&M

Sun, sun and even more sun. This has made me so happy. I have been able to go back to my summer wardrobe and get the legs back out! Simple outfits for this week…Until the rain comes next. Boo.

My full fringe has successfully grown past down to my nose and is acceptable to be worn with clips or scrapped back.

This week was my first full week at University and it is taking its toll on me, I had to nap when I got home today. On the up note 12 days until I can start having fun and move into halls. And then start looking for a job. 

Fridays are so great we have photoshop lessons, so I can finally get taught how to use it ‘fo real’!!

All I can say is, Thank god its Friday. 



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