Late Night Blogger

Shorts – River Island

Shirt – H&M

Tights – Henry Holland

Cardigan – Matalan

I have officially become a late night blogger. I cant seem to sleep when I get into bed, no matter how tired I feel. So I turn the mac book on instead. These shorts were actually jeans which I decided to cut down because there were flares! Great idea, I must say. 
I usually cant stand shirts buttoned up to the top, I always feel like I’m chocking, but seems to be the done thing. It didn’t stay buttoned for long mind you. 
Another week is over. Time seems to be flying past. Since my travel to London I’ve done nothing with myself. I have my first University project which I should have made a start on, but as per, left it till the last minute. 
It genuinely feels like Winter is just around the corner. All the good TV shoes are starting and the late night films are showing. Im really looking forward to being settled in my new ‘medium’ sized bedroom. 
Im going to have to leave it there, I don’t have my contacts or my glasses on so squinting at the screen is driving me crazy. The joys of having shit eye sight.