Thank you Sophy for taking these photos

Vintage jumper / Vintage leather hoody / H&M Leather panel leggings / Nike trainers / Guess bag

This jumper was my Mum’s from the 80’s. My sisters and me fought over it for years. Lucky me got my mitts on it. Although if I ever take it home it surprisingly goes walkies. I love the cut at the back, it makes me feel like an 80’s dancer. It works really well with these high waisted leggings. 
I thought trainers were supposed to be comfortable, these ones have only gone and given my blisters. Boyfriend tip: take the inner sole out. Going to have to try this. 

Thank you for all the good luck wishes on the job front. I ended up getting the job at River Island and the bar job. Both starting next week. Im going to take both up until Christmas because I could do with the money since River Island is only 8 hours a week. 
Beware to see me wearing a lot of River Island clothing with the discount. Can’t wait. 
I’ve always been quite lucky with jobs every job interview I have gone to I’ve got the job… So far. 

Aaron is coming up tomorrow. Its been two weeks since I last saw him, so I cant begin to explain how excited I am to see him. But before then Im getting on with some much needed work. 

I said  I would try the thick braided bun. It seems like I don’t have enough hair to make it as good as the tumblr one I posted.

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