January 30th

This is the 5th time I have been in Looks ‘ Look what Im wearing’ pages. I have them all up on my wall. Its such a nice feeling. This time I didn’t know I was going to be in the issue, and the words are not even my own. I do think that if people are going to use your photos they should ask for your permission and let you know. 

I’ve just got back from a week Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps. It was such an amazing experience. I didn’t think I would pick it up but I did within a few days. The idea of snow and sun at the same time is such a surreal experience. The snow was at least 4ft half way through the week. Snow in England will never be the same again. I wasn’t able to do any outfit photos like planned because all I wore everyday was snowboarding things. I will show you my beautiful photos, being up in the mountains, above the clouds and snowboarding under the stars at nights. 

Im looking forward to getting a Toby Carvery today. Nothing beats home. 


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