Crop Top ASOS / Shorts ASOS / Converse ASOS

These are some of my favourite photos. Its not everyday I get to pose with a bike on a bridge in Amsterdam.

What Im Wearing: Its an ASOS outfit. I love these boy shorts, I picked them up in the sample sale for £5 and they were originally around £200, they are one of ASOS brands.

This crop is an item I find hard to style, simply because I don’t like showing a large portion of my stomach. So for me I feel comfortable wearing it with high waisted items.

How to style it: Boy shorts can easily make your figure not look very flattering. So I opt for a mix. If I am going to wear something loose on bottom I will wear something tighter on top. Just to even things out.

A little more: More about this bike ride will be up on the blog tomorrow as part of my Day 2 In Amsterdam.

I’ve decided to dye my hair pink. A bubble gum colour like Elle Howard. She was my inspiration. I just think why not do it now while I can. Its been on my mind for ages, so Im just going to do it. Ill do a video on it as well. So stay tuned.


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