This plaid shirt wrapped around the waist look reminds me of Kim, Khloe and Kylie (Kardashians). 

It kinda makes me feel like a badass haha. 

Especially with the heels and leather.

What Im Wearing: |   (20% of code ‘SAVE10) | Zara Heels | Zara Bag |

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I really love these printed oversized tops. 

They kinda make me feel like a laid back Australian chick. 

I have no idea why. 

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Moving on to leathers. Have you invested in your leather piece for this Winter yet?

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The nude River Island ones are still my fave ^

And then theres the plaid shirt. Ive got rid of my old ones and Im starting again. 

I love how thick one in particular is – And its on sale. 

I got it in a size 8 (petite) but I prefer them a little bigger. 

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Im about to head to the beach to take some wintery snaps of my Traingl bikini. I don’t know what they are going to come out like but I thought it would be fun. 


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