Theres nothing I love more than back details or simply a back on show. 

Like most of my items I picture them in Summer. 

And I cannot wait to pair this jumper with some Levi shorts.

| | | Zara Shopper | Zero UV Sunglasses |

White Jumpers scare me, because if I was to drop something down it (it would probably be ketchup) it would ruin my day. 

But sometimes you just have to take a risk and not sit on the dirty tube seats or lean against the walls. 

Shouldn’t be hard at all.

If your feeling brave…

You could either go bare back or you could wear a detailed lace bra. 

Which I have also done since wearing this. 

Here are just some ideas for you;

I obviously didn’t walk around like this mid January because Im not crazy. 

So I threw on my which I very almost forgot about. 


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