Sometimes a side view can show you a little more lengths and details than a front view. 

Ive played with lengths and leathers in todays post. 

And kept the colours very neutral.

| |


I love how it is acceptable in the fashion world to wear mini skirts in Winter because knee and thigh boots have become acceptable again without being frowned upon for being a woman out of Pretty Woman. 

I am dying for a brown suede pair. Here are some that are not the typical black.

A cape worn as a scarf, such a great idea. 

When I pick my mini skirts, I have some rules;

1. Not skin tight, need some room for my junk

2. Acceptable to wear in the day time

3. Try not to be plain, a print or texture is key

You can get 15% of all with the code ‘petitesideofstyle’

I don’t think I have mentioned it on my blog yet. 

I am off to travel around Paris for three weeks in March! 

I am so looking forward to it. 

So make sure you are following me on instagram to stay updated.


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