When we go through constant wind and rain weather I find wearing coats to be so tedious. 

I’ve decided to swap a heavy coat for a chunky knit, long cardigan. Along with a hat to replace an umbrella. 

Simply because Winter dressing can become so dull, dark and boring. 

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Im definitely going to be taking this into Summer with me. 

I love those Summer evenings, in denim shorts, a T-Shirt, long cardigans and salty hair. 

This one in particular is very heavy and well worth £35, .

Or view some other long cardigans, because Im going to be in them until Summer.

I like the laid back look to this outfit. 

The way the cardigan drapes of my shoulders, the flat ankle boots and the slouchy bag adds to the effect of a laid back, but stylish look.

Ive really got back into wearing hats lately. 

They save my bed hair and they save face with the fact that Im growing my roots hoping to achieve the ombré look. 

Ive learnt the hard way that floppy hats do not suite me. Im small so they drown my face. 

The only hats I will choose now are these fedora style ones.

Some people may find spending  on a pair of tanned suede boots (especially in Winter). 

But I think they are an investment pair. They would go lovely in Summer with light blue Levis etc. 

Here are some alternatives. 

I would recommend Suede protector!

I also find a bold lip can help with a monochrome-ish outfit. 

Pink or red is my go to. 

Here are some of my favourites. 

I reached 1K on You Tube yesterday. 

Thank you so much to those who follow me on here and on You Tube. 

Ill be hosting a giveaway soon!

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