The Qbic Hotel is unlike any Hotel I’ve ever stayed in. 

And its in the heart of London.

From the moment you walk through the doors you are greeted by wooden floors, neon signs and a quirky mix mash of chairs surrounding the tables.

Alright treacle caught my eye.

I read it like a typical Londoner.  

Cheeky- chappish style.

I stayed in the ‘Fun Room’. It was very large with so much space. 

My initial thought was I hope its not cold (It was pouring down with rain and Im used to carpet). 

But it was perfect. The room heated up lovely. 

I would say bring some socks or some slippers though.

You instantly get the environmentally friendly feel.

With the very odd props placed in the room.

Including quotes surrounding the room and hotel. 

Daily quotes can be found in the lift. 

Fresh towels are given to you so you can enjoy the rain shower.

The bed was huge! I felt a little lonely on the right side, 

but Id never complain about a big bed a comfy pillows.

With a TV perfectly placed at the bottom of the bed. 

I chilled out and watched White Chicks. 

To book your stay at the Qbic hotel in London or Amsterdam click here.


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