Ive teamed up with Wallis to tell you why I love being perfectly petite and how to ignore the myths.

Wearing Wallis |


I hate rules when it comes to fashion. 

Petite people shouldn’t wear mid lengths, flares or capes that will drown them. 

Wear what you want. 

What you feel comfortable in. 

You can make anything work for you

I used this cape to add some lengths to my outfit. 

Pairing it with heels meant I didn’t feel or look drowned. 

Check out the bell sleeves on this beauty, 

Now imagine with a pair of fringed Levi’s.

Its also the very first time I went for low rise jeans. 

I actually love how they make the top half of my body look longer!

Wallis have a whole section dedicated to us Petite ones. 

So go and check it out!


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