The only ice bar/hotel in Paris. 

A fun, lively and futuristic Hotel. 

The Kube Hotel is based in the 18th Arrondissement, so a little out of the way.

But so close to the Sacré-Coeur which is a must see.

We arrived to see a glass cube in the centre which is where reception and check in were.

We were shown to our room, which is entered in by your finger print scan.


The bath was attached to the back of the bed.

Keeping the cube, square theme throughout the room.

Some delicious chocolate was left for us.



After visiting the Sacré-Coeur Paris, we headed to a kebab shop near bar (only in Paris right) and headed back to our hotel room to watch a movie before our time slot in the ice bar.


10pm quickly came and we headed to the Ice bar located on the first floor in the hotel.

You spend about 30 minuets in the bar before you freeze.

With four cocktails each.

They tasted great.

Pineapple, mango and melon. Some with a little bit of beer.

Unfortunately the bar was closed due to a private party so we wasn’t able to go for drinks or dinner after.

Instead we headed back to the room to bath in a cube.




Your not best friends till you can have a bath together.


We threw on our robes and watched another movie, before both falling asleep listening to the party goers leave the hotel.

Morning quickly came and breakfast was served to our room.


The Kube Hotel is a fun place to stay to experience the Ice Bar.

To book you stay click here.





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