Disneyland Paris is a must for everyone who visits Paris/France. 

No matter your age, big or small. 

It was the highlight of our four week trip. 

The loud music blasts out from speakers all around the park and you instantly go into big kid mode.

We found ourselves waving to the animals and skipping to the castle to get our mini mouse ears.

I highly suggest you grab a programme on your way in. That way you will get to meet all the characters. The only one we got to meet was the lovely Pluto.

Restaurants are all around, your literally spoilt for choice. 

I love American food so the American diners were my favourite.

We left Disney World and headed to Walt Disney Studios. 

We didn’t even know this part existed.

My favourite ride was the Hollywood Tower. 

Your plunged up and down super fast, like your in a lift. The doors open in front off you allowing you to see the whole park ahead of you as your plunged again from the top to bottom floor. 

Just call me a thrill seeker 😉

After a few hours we headed back to Disney World as night fell above us. 

We rushed around going on as many of the rides as we could before the park closed.

I had to let Jenny experience ‘Its a wonderful world’

And as we stepped off the last ride we heard loud music and fireworks going off. 

We held hands and rushed over to see the spectacular displays.

It really was beyond amazing. I face timed my nieces and nephews, I just had to share with them as Disney characters danced across the sky and the castle.

Look at my cheesy grin, you couldn’t fake it even if you tried!

The time came to say goodbye.

A man kindly saw us struggling to take a photo and offered to take one for us, then telling me the best way to use my camera – love that.

We ended our evening visiting Planet Hollywood and didn’t head home till 11pm.

A huge thank you to Disney Land for an incredible day out.

You can watch my Disney Land video here


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