Put down that ill-fitting blazer and step away from the ballet pumps, it’s time to dress to impress in the workplace this Autumn with this guide to the upcoming season’s trends

First up, let’s get the basics right first. The 70s era has made a huge comeback this year, with the high street embracing the bohemian styling of the decade. 

It’s so easy to tap into the 70s trend by simply teaming a suede A-line skirt with a pretty relaxed fit blouse for true Farah Fawcett style chic. Rock into the office with your hair in soft waves, a hint of blue eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes and some cute mule shoes. 

Fashion site Blue Vanilla has definitely got it right when it comes to 70s style, with kimonos that would put Stevie Nicks to shame. These look amazing when thrown over a simple black dress and heels for that cool, smart casual office vibe. Choose one with plenty of tassels and work it in that Friday meeting. 

Capes are also set to be a big trend, easy to slip on over your outfit, they add instant style and comfort and are the perfect ‘in between’ jacket for when our British weather just can’t decide if it wants to turn cold or stay mild until Halloween. 

Don’t mix this trend up with the blanket scarf or poncho we have witnessed in past seasons, capes are easier to wear and offer a more tailored look. Paired with platform boots, they are a hot mix that work well in any office setting when teamed with straight leg trousers and a simple button up, sleeveless blouse. 

Talking of jackets, the trench coat is making a comeback and overtakes the duster coat we enjoyed last year, with the high street featuring styles on the rack reminiscent of Burberry’s Sandringham design. 

Expect to see high neck tops also sticking around for Autumn/Winter and look great under swing dresses, when paired with those cheeky black jeans and heels or just worn with a long skirt and sandals. There is a great range here you can browse through. 

A faux leather skirt is a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe and one that you can pull out again this Autumn (or go pick one up, quick!). Soften up the leather look with a relaxed fit blouse, tucked in, and some bright coloured heels. 

Wide leg trousers are also getting a look in, with printed styles trumping the plain designs and look incredible when worn with a simple sleeveless shirt, blazer and platform heels. Again, we’re seeing a nod towards the 70s with this style – the trend appears to dominate the catwalks and designs that are being produced this year. 

When it comes to seasonal fashion this year you can’t go wrong with warm tones, teamed with suede, faux fur and leather plus plenty of tassels on top!

This post is in collaboration with Blue Vanilla


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