Have you ever had the holiday blues whilst on Holiday? 

Basically its when your half way through your holiday and you’re already dreading leaving. 

I took this playsuit from day to night whilst I was away. 

I had never intended to wear it during the day as I had only ever worn it on a night out. 

But it made for a great choice by the pool/beach.

So as I mentioned. 

We were half way through our Turkey October holiday. 

Always, by the end of a holiday you pick up ways of doing things. 

We learnt that we had to wake up early to grab breakfast. 

That way we could head straight down to the beach to grab the best loungers that laid out at sea. 

We stripped off, 

and settled down to catch some 11am rays. 

I wore my favourite bikini of the week.

This .

Also available in .

This is honestly the most complimentary bikini I have ever worn. 

I was so happy that Rhiannon had arrived so we could swim out to the floating islands. 

We had one all to ourselves and lay and lay and lay till boredom hit us. 

We tried so many times to get the perfect jumping in photo…

We failed a few times…

But tried again…

Then Rhiannon tried to teach me to dive, as she does on every holiday we go on…

Unfortunately being able to dive is something I’ve never been able to do…

So I’ll stick to a simple jump!

Come evening I swapped my swimwear for culottes and an off the shoulder top.

The night went a little bit like the others. 

You can read the rest of my Turkey posts under the travel section at the top of the page.


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