On the second day in Cornwall we decided to hunt for some sandy beaches. 

The kind you find on Pinterest. 

We slept so well in our Natural Retreat Villa

And woke up feeling fresh and excited for breakfast.

We went all out, and cooked up a fry up

With toast on the side 

And tea…

The villa came with Milk already in the fridge and all the kitchen appliances 

Stuffed all in a fresh roll it makes for a perfect sandwich

We wrapped up warm. 

Jumped in the car and just drove. 

With no idea where we were going.

The first beach we came across was Porthpean Beach

Surrounded in a cove, with green high grass around the outside

Light beamed through the rain clouds

We had a little stroll around, then the rain started to come, so we headed back to the car towards Carlyon Bay.

We found a lovely little restaurant – Sams on the beach.

With a beach hidden just behind it

I can only imagine how beautiful this place is in Summer, with the sun shinning

We headed in for a hot drink to warm ourselves up

A candle lit place, sea views and wooden tables

The menu was tempting, but breakfast was still filling our bellies

Hot chocolate and mellows please

We sat and watched as the sky darkened, the sea got fierce and rain poured down

We sipped and slurped until it was time to go

You can find Sam’s at this address; 

1-2 New Bridge Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2AA

We jumped in the car and made for a pub with a fire and some proper pub food.

We ended up in Charlestown

Mostly know for the filming of Poldark.

We chose to get cosy in the Pier House Restaurant

A traditional Cornish pub/hotel.

The lovely staff made me a beef roast even though it wasn’t on the menu that day. 

And I have to say it was amazing. 

The Yorkshire puddings were fluffy and the gravy was so tasty.

Just what you need when you are away from home and its miserable outside.

And to top it off, the Pier House had a fire

We sat for hours, chatting away to a local man who was so friendly and telling us all about Cornwall.

We headed back to our Villa with the best moon in the sky.

Come midnight we decided to head out to the patio with our duvets and admire the amazing moon that was in the sky. 

It seemed like a crazy idea at the time. 

But it was one of my favourite memories of the trip. 

And what better way to make use of the decking in Winter.

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