If you follow me on Snapchat (joannelewis91) You may know by now I’m not shy of a party or five.

So when it comes to music, I like to think I know what Im talking about.

Ive put together a party playlist for the New Look Student Hub, all the songs to get your shaking, moving and singing out loud on the dance floor.

1. IGNITION | R KELLY: Its always the best song to get the party started and get everyone on the dance floor. If you don’t know all the words by now, you don’t party enough – learn them. Comes in handy for that sing off on the dance floor. 

2. THONG SONG | SISQO: The 90s kids will appreciate this. Its a song the boys and girls can enjoy. For many booty-ful reasons.

3. WORK FROM HOME | FIFTH HARMONY: This songs seems to be becoming the Summer hit song. If this beat comes on and you don’t find yourself wanting to take a shot or throw you arms in the air, you need another drink.

4. CHEAP THRILLS | SIA: Hopefully this will sum your nights up as much as it does mine ‘I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight’

5. WHAT WOULD YOU DO | CITY HIGH: Im really showing my age with these classic 90s. But this is a song you should all no and every party should play. 

6. 679 | FETTY WAP: Because you have to play something for those girls that have been practising how to twerk.

7.  DO IT AGAIN | PIA MIA FT CHRIS BROWN: This is for the girls on the dance floor trying to give the side eye to the guy she likes.

8. FREAK OF THE WEEK | KREPT & KONAN: If you don’t know the rap, look down at the floor till the chorus drops, then you and your girls and scream it to each other

9. POST TO BE | OMARION, CHRIS BROWN: Make sure you’ve got your best dress on for this one, drink in hand and arms up in the air. 

10. PARTY IN THE U.S.A | MILEY CYRUS: Don’t pretend you and your girls don’t scream when this comes on.

11. DRUNK IN LOVE | BEYONCE: We all know it! 

12. TRAP QUEEN | FETTY WAP: I don’t know how he has made it on here twice. But I can’t deny I still enjoy when this song comes on in a club.

13. SOMEBODY | NATALIE LA ROSE: This is my girl power song when Im out. ‘We aint never going home’

14. MOTIVATION | KELLY ROWLAND: For the couples in the club. 

15. HABITS | TOVE LO: This is one for the end of the night, when you realise your going home alone… again.

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