Im a huge believer in…

To get a bikini body, you simply put the bikini on.

Im sharing with you how I make myself feel happier and confident in any type of swimwear.




No matter what size clothes you buy, or how much you weigh. If you have the flattest of tummy’s or the biggest of bums. We all have that one thing that we pick at, year after year. And if you did work on it, that will just leave room for something else for us to find on ourselves to complain about, right?

From as young as I can remember my biggest confidence issue was my tummy. I had small boobs but that never bothered me. I always embraced them. Even now, I love that I can wear no bra 80% of the time. I was always the smallest in the class, that also never bothered me. But not having a super flat stomach always was what I tried to fix.

Notice how I say fix, because I will never let a confidence issue stop me from putting a bikini on.

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Picking out something you don’t like about yourself and sharing it with others, usually makes people notice it more. Of course there are little things you can do to help you feel better about yourself.

For example, once I get into my bikini, I will usually do an 8 minuet ab workout, followed by some squats. Its all mind over matter. But if I was to be in a bikini for 7 – 10 days thats 7 – 10 days of ab workouts, so you really do notice the difference.

I know I would have, probably, an almost perfect tummy IF I gave up the three bags of crisps I eat a day, followed by my weekly consumption of chips, followed by drinking Pepsi/Coke daily. But I don’t want to and I shouldn’t have to give up things I enjoy to make myself feel better when I’m in swimwear.

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For me personally, somedays I will feel more confident than others.  Depending on how confident I am feeling is based upon what I decide to wear. It could range from the skimpiest of triangle bikinis to a swimsuit covering the parts I want to coverup for those days.

You could always add more. Heading to the beach or the pool, doesn’t always have to be about less clothes. You could opt for a cotton shirt as a cover up, a silk caftan, a cute knitted jumper to a body chain. It just takes away from the areas you don’t like, that you think, people are focusing on.

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My top tips to help you feel more confident in a bikini/swimsuit;

– Eat and drink what you want
just dont forget that a glass of water goes a long way to making you feel less bloated

– Moisturise

All the time and as much as you can. It will make your skin look so much better

– Accessorise

Grab anything. A big floppy hat, a flannel shirt, or even a pair of cut off shorts. You don’t have to be bare to look good

– Tan up

Having a tan instantly makes me look good and feel better. I use and it never fails me


– Have a variety of bikini’s and swimsuits
that way you can dress depending on how confident you’re feeling




What tips do you have to feel body confident?






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