Because it doesn’t stop with simply finding and wearing the right outfit

For those who follow me on Instagram, you will already know that I spent this weekend in London. I took Adam away for the weekend since he has been working so hard on our new house (which we will be ready in the next few weeks).

It began with a night stay at the incredible 5-star luxury Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge

More of our stay to come this week.

In this post, I am focusing on being able to dress in a way that makes me feel positive. 

Like I mentioned above, it doesn’t stop at finding and wearing the right products, the aftercare is just as important.

I was sent along for Prêt-à-Portea afternoon tea at The Berkeley by Comfort who is the sponsoring this year’s Breast Cancer Care fashion show, taking place on 28 September. 

For me, Breast Cancer Care is a very close to my heart as are all cancer charities, with my Mum being diagnosed with two different types of cancer, several years ago, without the help from charities such as this she may not still be around today. 

Before packing for our weekend in London, I took care of all our clothing using the Comfort Intense Fuchsia passion and Comfort Perfume Pearls Fuchsia Passion. They also come in two other scents; Fresh Sky and Luxurious. 

Comfort strongly believes that clothing should be an amazing source of positivity – a mantra they have followed throughout its 50 year history. 

Being 20 weeks pregnant, I feel as though I am finding my feet when it comes to what is right for me to wear, what makes me feel comfortable and therefore positive about the way I look and feel.

Having being washed in the Comfort Fuschia Range, my oozed a strong fantastic fragrance with every swoosh and swirl with the help of the fragrance pearls. Topping the look off with an extra soft .

We spent an afternoon sipping teas and tasting the delicious fashionistas Spring/Summer 2017 afternoon tea. 

Including inspiration from Gucci to Mulberry. 

The annual Breast Cancer Care show will see 31 men and women of all ages, who have all had a breast cancer diagnosis, take to the catwalk in stunning outfits to show that you can still look and feel fabulous after a breast cancer diagnosis. 

To find out more about the Breast Cancer Care show happening September 28th, click here.


Bag | Chanel

 Created in collaboration with Comfort. Words, styling and opinions are my own.



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