Blue Visits 5 Star Dog Grooming Spa

We recently took Blue to Barkers of Muswell Hill for a five star pamper

For those who do not know who Blue is. 

Blue is our (almost) ten-month-old, Blue French Bulldog.

In between moving houses, we thought he deserved a treat.

We booked him in at Barkers in Muswell Hill for a 5-star full body groom finished off with a fresh breath treatment.

Barkers can be found in many locations over the UK, so make sure you check to find your nearest one.

We arrived a little early with some time to spare. 

Barkers kindly enough list restaurants, pubs and cafes that are pooch-friendly. 

We found a lovely little pub to kill some time in.

Stepping into Barkers is like walking through the revolving doors of Selfridges – but for dogs.

 After a snoop around and wanting to purchase everything in sight,

we headed to the back of the store where the grooming spa sits.

Blue was bathed followed by his fresh breath treatment.

He was then dried off on top of the tables where the rest of the treatments take place.

I must say, Blue doesn’t bark at much, the only two things he goes mad for are hoovers and hairdryers. 

However, the one used in Barkers was absolutely fine and he did not mind at all.

Blue got his ears cleaned;

His Nails clipped.

This is so important because his ‘thumb’ one needed it as that is the one that sits off the ground so doesn’t get filed down by himself.

A full on Pawdicure.

You don’t have to go for the full treatment, you can opt for some of these treatments alone.

Finished off his paws with a special paw butter treatment

He was then massaged with Pomegranate Hydrating Butter

He was finished off with an ear rub and a spritz of puppy cologne

We grabbed two sausage treats and some Halloween woofins before leaving

We were also tempted in by the amazing Halloween costumes for dogs. 

Blue went for the pumpkin, see him wearing it here.

He left Barkers feeling very lavish

I personally wish I got more cuddles with him whilst he smelt so good. 

Unfortunately, we took Blue for a walk through a park and let him off his lead. 

Only to see him in the distance looking so happy rolling around in the grass. 

But as we got closer we realised, it wasn’t grass, it was fox poo. 

Turns out some dogs don’t like to smell nice so they try to mask the scent. 

If I were you I would avoid taking them to the park for at least a day and enjoy their soft and shiny coat at home!

I was gutted!

But he still had a lovely time.

And had lots of kisses for Mummy.

A special thank you to Barkers for treating Blue like a VIP – very important pooch and opening our eyes to the wonders of dog shopping.

Treat your own pup, Check out Barkers site here

 Created in collaboration with Barkers. Words, styling and opinions are my own.



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