A Day In The Life Of Blue With Pedigree

Morning powders, I’m Blue and I’m taking over my Mums space on the internet for this post.
Since I’m one, I’ve learnt to read and write.

Now I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not that dog that wakes up at the crack of dawn and pesters their humans to get out of bed. In fact, I am the complete opposite.
I am lucky enough to have been picked by humans that love their sleep just as much as I do. So instead, they normally wake me up.

Today was a little different.
It’s been so hot lately.
Mum even bought me a new bed for in the bedroom so I didn’t have to sleep on the wooden floor, because NOBODY wants to share a bed with two hot and sweaty humans that can’t keep their legs still for me to lay on them.
But even that bed’s too hot.
Instead I join Mum and Dad in the mornings when I hear them starting to stir, or the new baby they bought home wakes them up.

Honestly, yes, I am normally the last one on the bed.
What’s theirs is mine and all that

I like to give Mum’s face a good clean, her breath normally smells and they’re always going on about my dental hygiene, so I try to help out when I can.
Not that it works – all I hear from them is:
“Blue, no, not the face”
I mean, what else am I supposed to clean in the morning?

Eventually it’s time to get up…

“Come on Mum, I’m hungry now, quick, quick”

I like to race Mum down to the kitchen, she’s always telling me to slow down on the stairs

My favourite sound of the day,
chicken biscuits landing in my food bowl



















A few snoozes later, and waiting for the baby to drop some food on the floor, Mums about to leave the house, to go to the shops she tells me.
That’s the place I’m not allowed, I have no idea why.
Dogs should be allowed everywhere.

Now I’m going to let you into a little secret of mine.
Before Mum or Dad leaves the house at any time, I climb into my bed and pull my saddest puppy face

That way I get myself a little treat

Works every time!

I get to watch the house, make sure it’s safe for my humans to come back to.
The ones that seem to always get away are those little black flying things, they’re quick, but I manage to catch a few.

Catching black flying things gets a little boring, so I like to have another snooze before waiting by the gate for Mummy and baby to come back.

She always comes back with something that smells good.

I was right, I’m always right.
Mum bought me home some goodies. I know because thats my cupboard.

Once Mum got settled and put the baby in that thing that allows her to chase me, I got my treat

A Pedigree Jumbo Chew, just what I’ve been waiting for
I’m not allowed these often because Mum says I have to look after my teeth

She mumbled something along the lines of,
“blah blah blah, we will clean your teeth with a DentaStix later”

See these gnashers right here, I could be on an advert for bright white dog teeth.
Mum and Dad like to brush my teeth sometimes, but they regularly give me a Pedigree DentaStix because it’s a lot easier and reduces 80% of build up I heard.

Before I allowed her to say anything else I was off…

I don’t care how often I have to clean my teeth, if it means tasting something this good.
See Mum, Dog Dental Care is just as important as yours!

The end of the day quickly approaches and my humans take me to my favourite place in the world, the beach

This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE®, but all thoughts are my own.
For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice


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