Pollyanna’s First Birthday

Ballon arch created with balloons from Party Pieces

As I’m typing this I still can’t believe I have been a Mother for a year, we have been parents for a year. We have created this wonderful little life that brings us so much happiness every day.

No matter how many times you tell yourself ‘you’re not going to make a big deal out of her turning one because she won’t remember it’ you know that won’t be the case.
With this wonderful world of technology and internet, she may not remember it but I’ll be sure to show her when she asks me what her first birthday was like.

She woke up in her typical happy mood, entertaining herself in her cot till we burst in singing happy birthday for what would be the first out of a million times that day.
She may not have any idea but she really did enjoy it.

Adam spent the morning with Pollyanna, he took her for a walk along the beach with Blue and then shopping for some last minute bits whilst I made some finishing touches in the Kitchen.

This was when I was able to get the food out and finish her cakes. 

One Dozen Rose Gold Heart Balloons, Bubblegum Balloons

I made two cakes.
The first was a cookie cake in the shape of a number one. It was filled with butter cream and topped with different coloured buttercream in a variety of pipping styles. 

We never even got the chance to cut this one, but Adam made up for it by eating practically the whole thing.

The second cake which held a number one sign by Dindindies was a victoria sponge, filled with buttercream icing. I used the left over coloured icing from the cooki to creating a rough icing layer around the outside of the cake.

I had personalised Party Bags made up from Make It Friday. Each had the first letter of her friend’s name, followed by a message inside thanking them for sharing the day with her.
I filled these with luxury items such as teethers and colouring books, which will be in another post.

Home made cookies from Biscuit Village took centre stage, with Pollyanna’s name and birthday iced on them. The were truly delicious and we saved some for us as a treat after the party.

Despite the typical party food; jam sandwiches, iced rings and crisps it was completed with the most delicious brownies made from Tarte and Berry. Cadbury’s Creme Egg Brownie, Salted Caramel Brownie (which is award winning) and ones for the Vegans; Vegan Chocolate Brownie.

The scent of the day came from bouquets of flowers from Apple Yard London which sat on the Island soaking in compliments from everyone

I placed the satin laced dress over Pollyanna’s head, zipped up the back of the dress and watched as she played with her heart balloon bouquet. 

I told her she looked beautiful and it was as though she knew what I was telling her. She would pull up her dress and give me the biggest smile followed by a hug.

As important as her Christening day, as important as her future wedding day, the dress had to be as spectacular, because you only turn one – once.

The wonderful Angela from Anglel’s and Fish’s handmade her birthday dress, as she also did her Christening dress.

Pollyanna wore the ‘Sarah Christening Dress‘ A dress fit for a Princess, a white sit out dress with a satin bodice, layered tulle skirt trimmed with ribbon and lace that sat out perfectly throughout the day.
Bow detailing on the waist and pretty satin flower with pearl bead centre.

I let her play while I tried to snap as many photos of her as possible, she couldn’t sit still, she had so much energy and excitement. 

I eventually managed to get her down for her afternoon nap.

An hour later as the house filled with family, friends and babies, Pollyanna woke and ran around in her element. We eventually got all the children in the living room for a baby sensory session. It was 30 minutes of sing songs, making music, bubbles and teletubbies. She spent most of the time in the centre of the circle, soaking in the attention, clapping her hands and thoroughly enjoying every single moment.

Family and friends gathered in the kitchen whilst we sung in unison happy birthday to her again. The three of us (and Blue around somewhere) blew out the first candle of many more to come. However I don’t think she will need our help for the next one.

By 8pm everyone had left. We were back in our bubble of four. An exhausted bubble of four. 
Pollyanna went down so easily, exhausted from the day. I however am still tired from the whole thing.

There will be more posts on the balloon arch, party bags and gifts for a one year old.



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