We visited Kent’s award winning wildlife attraction

Back in January, we treated ourselves to Aspinall Foundation’s yearly passes so we could visit Port Lympne and Howletts whenever we felt like it.

Some of my fondest memories as a child was visiting Howletts, either with family or on school trips.
To be able to pass the same, if not better experiences onto Pollyanna is simply priceless.

Since January we have visited each park twice. What I love most about both animal parks is they are not a zoo.
The reserve is a breeding sanctuary for rare and endangered species. Whereever possible they aim to return animals born at Port Lympne to protected areas of their natural habitat.

Click here to read more about what makes Port Lympne different.

We started our day of at base camp, where we took a walk pass the crazy Baboons which were as lively and loud as ever.

Pollyanna kept shouting out “don’t” hoping they would stop fighting with each other.

We then strolled by the monkeys, trying our best to search for them between the trees.

We were cheekily greeted by the Moloch Gibbon, who as soon as he saw us, swung swiftly towards us where he sat hands through the bars saying hello to us.

Pollyanna talked her best monkey speech to him

To which he responded with a hand out, all five very human fingers, held out towards us

He was a real character and I didn’t want to leave him

We trecked our way through the Primate Trail to Palace of the Apes where at 3pm it was feeding time

Straight after we jumped on board a safari truck.

My tip would be to do this later on in the day as the que isn’t as long but don’t worry there is a park for the kids to play around while you wait.

The safari lasts about an hour so if you are with a toddler I would suggest taking some snacks for them

We said hello to the Zebras

And to Mr Wind who caught us at the top of the hills

Then our favourite of all, the Giraffes, which Pollyanna does a great impression of

6 hours and 10,000 steps later the park was closing and we didn’t even see it all, but there is always next time


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For a truly unforgettable day book a stay in their Tiger Lodge, it’s on our to visit list.

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