Since a child, Halloween has always been a big deal for me, from family parties, trick or treating with my older sisters to being a teenager and going through that ‘whats the ‘sexiest’ thing I can wear’ stage.

I cannot wait to make our own Halloween family traditions.

This year, however, two weeks post-c-section I just couldn’t pull myself together to decorate the house.

I even left Pollyanna’s Halloween costume to the evening before.

Pumpkin picking was one thing I couldn’t let Pollyanna miss out on. This year she understood it and had so much fun.

Unlike last years sun shining day, this year was a dismal and blustery one

We pulled on our boots, wellies and raincoats and headed to a local patch near us.


We didn’t want to venture as far as we did last year so chose a patch near us in Kent.

Which meant there was no vintage-looking pizza van or prosecco bar

So with baby bear in arms, we got straight to it.

We told Pollyanna “If you can pick it up you can take it home”

And off we went…

Stopping for a little rest…

She soon realised the ones that were too big for her, she stopped evening trying to get them off the ground.

Pollyanna eventually found one that she could pick up, shouting “Did it, did it” whilst running it back to us for approval.

Unfortunately, it was the most unpumpkinest of pumpkins, Daddy had to get involved

Picking Pollyanna the biggest pumpkin on the patch

It wasn’t until we were leaving that we noticed the wheelbarrows

This one slept through his first pumpkin picking experience

White Pramsuit with Ears (Comes in three other colours)

Luckily we have these photos to remind him one day…

Sorry this post is a little after Halloween and all things pumpkin, I’ve been finding it hard to find my routine since the new baby.

Bear with us.


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