Seaside to Seaside, Thanet

Walking from seaside to seaside is something we tend to do most weekends.

But this weekend seemed better than ever. The sun was shining for the whole day which is rare for January.

But I digest, let me start from the beginning of our seaside adventure.

With our wedding next year and our trip to Ibiza even sooner, in June, fitness has been on both mine and Adam’s minds.

I rejoined results with Lucy after trying out several apps that Facebook had suggested, which were useless. But I’m swaying off here. If you would like more fitness please let me know in the comments.

I vowed to do at least 5,000 steps a day. Which to most seems very little. Adams mum who on average does 28,000, it would seem like a walk in the park – literally. But to someone who works from home and only really has to get up when the postman knocks on the door or to stroll to the fridge, it is a lot.

Last week we succeeded more than 5,000 a day.

When Saturday came we aimed for 10,000 and headed for a walk – seaside to seaside.

Not before filling our stomaches on my Wild Mushroom Melts that is.

The weather was incredible for January.

The sun shone down and warmed up our faces along the way.

We played house hunting, telling each other what ones we would live in and what we would change.

The sea was calm enough to paddleboard.

Blue ran free, stopping every now and then to peer at the dogs on the beach below.

20 minutes in and Pollyanna was begging to get out of her pushchair.

The mum in me, could not let her run free on the pier so promised when we reached the beach she could get out and play in the sand.

The weather bought all the crowds outs.

Kids on bikes that they had got for Christmas.

Elderly couples walking and resting on benches looking out to sea.

Families with dogs and children running along the sand that was still wet where the sea had been earlier.

We reached Broadstairs and Pollyanna couldn’t get her arms out of the straps quick enough.

There had been a man-made mountain of sand pilled high. They do it every Winter just in case the sea comes close to land.

We looked at each other and screamed, “race you to the top”.

Pollyanna needed a little helping hand, pushing her bottom up every now and then whilst her little legs sunk into the piles of sand below.

But we made it.

Blue too.

Getting to the top was the hard part but the best bit was running down.

Once we did it once, we had to do it a million times.

Adam and I took it in turns. The other counting from the bottom to see how long it would take them.

It was the perfect chance to test run Pollyanna’s new .

Pollyanna’s whole outfit is from .

(size up), super cosy leggings, , ,

She had a little play in the cold sand.

Eventually, Pollyanna’s hands got cold and cheeks turned red, we managed to persuade her of the beach for chippies.

We walked up to the cliff tops.

Through the onion gardens.

Up to the chip shop.

We sat on a bench overlooking the sea, eating our sausage and chips with cold fingers and wooden forks.

Seagulls sang around us, waiting eagerly for us (Pollyanna) to drop one.

We had gotten more than our fair share of steps in for the day so headed back home.

This time along the top of the cliffs.

Playing the dream home game again.

And on the way home I spotted my dream home.

Everything I’m wearing is old but I will leave some similar options below. Use the arrows to scroll through them.

It even came with its own letterbox.

Imagine that.


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