Pollyanna’s Peppa Pig Party

For Pollyanna’s second birthday, we threw a Peppa Pig themed party with the help of my Pinterest board. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The second year went even quicker than the first. People warned me, but I guess I didn’t listen.

Or maybe I listened but I thought because I take photos daily and film every single day I wouldn’t feel like I missed a second.

But I feel like I blinked and Pollyanna is now two.

The two tier cake was created by Margates, Seaside Cake Parlour.

The same people who made our incredible gender reveal cake.

The pastels fitted in perfectly with the pastel balloon wall we put together the night before.

Peppa sat on top of the cake, purple bow and shoes included.

Her name was engraved along the bottom, a pastel bunting graced the lower tier and pastel balloons of icing floated on top.

Finished off with the fluffiest three doughnuts coated in sugar.

I added a cake topper in frosted pink which I can keep for future parties too.

We had a Peppa Pig but it, unfortunately, broke in half trying to add it to the cake.

One dozen pastel heart balloons sat in the corner.

We had pre-filled Peppa Pig party bags created from The Little Things.

These included pink fabric bags with Peppa on the front, a foil balloon which can be inflated, pre-filled sweet cones and a toy.

I spent hours on Pinterest searching for all the best tabletop ideas. I found Etsy to be the best place for almost everything.

I came across a Peppa Pig. Everything from our party hats, food boxes and bottle wraps came from Etsy in a PDF format.

We simply printed them out and put them together.

I would recommend giving yourself enough time to do this because they are time-consuming.

It also included all the characters which you can cut around and add to toothpicks to put into the fairy cakes but I didn’t have time to do that.

Peppa Pig sat on the table for the children to use.

Peppa Pig added to the table;

Granny and Grandpa Pigs Garden for the fruit.

Muddy Puddles of slutty brownies added to a jar.

Chocolate milkshake was added to jars for Muddy Puddle Milkshakes.

Handmade Peppa Pig went down a treat with the children and they looked great.

Peppa Pig Wall Stickers were placed around the room, which really added to the theme.

Stickerscape offer a wide range of Peppa Pig wall stickers, some with the option to personalise too. We had the main one above the table say “Pollyannas 2nd Birthday”

When people came through the front door they were greeted by muddle puddles which I cut out from fabric we purchased at our local haberdashery.
I stuck them to the floor using double-sided carpet tape (warning VERY hard to get off the floor).

Finished off with Peppa and George splashing in muddle puddles on the wall.

Above an image of Pollyanna’s party invitation surround by photos of myself and Adam on our second birthdays.

I wrote a sign on Pollyanna’s chalkboard which was in the entranceway and a baby pink number 2 balloon floated above it.

I used command hooks on the wall and a piece of string so we could hang up Pollyanna’s card.

They hung above Peppa and George on their day out in London.

I mentioned above briefly the pastel balloon flower wall, this made for the perfect photo backdrop.

It took just under 400 balloons, a lot of breath and hours, but it was all worth it.

I will be uploading a video on how we done it to my You Tube so make sure your following me over there.

(50% off only a few sizes left)

We cleared out the living room and added an AirFlow 6ft Bouncy Castle.

We were also supposed to have a full soft play hire set up, with ball pit and bouncers etc, but due to the weather, they cancelled on us very last minute.

Alfie slept through most of the day.

Then a surprise guest made an appearance.

Peppa herself arrived all the way from Peppa Pig World just in time to sing Pollyanna happy birthday with us all.

Someone was very excited.

A quick sing and dance with Peppa before the singing began.

After a candle breakage and finding two replacements it was time to sing to our two year old.

Pollyanna wanted to make sure Peppa was joining in with us all.

Before making that important birthday wish.

Happy with her wish, she knew it was time for cake.

Peppa hung around for some photos.

Not only with the children. The grown-ups joined in too.

Peppa was sent by the magical people at Happily Ever Afters. The home of princes and princess. I’m sure they have what you are looking for, simply drop them an email.

An appearance from Peppa Pig really made the party special.

Pollyanna’s ruffle pink dress is from Sarah Louise, available on Children Salon. A blogpost on her dress will be coming.


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