Our Ibizan Wedding Invites


I last left you, posting our wedding invites, wait no longer.

People say that finding the dress is the most stressful part of planning a wedding.

For me, it was the wedding invites.

The perfectionist in me knew exactly what I wanted.

With no idea where to start, I got straight onto Pinterest.

I have always had a secret wedding board, way before he got down on one knee.
A board for engagement rings, the dream dress, anything I thought I would want to refer back to if I was ever to get married.
Don’t we all have a secret board?

I would spend hours on Pinterest with no idea where to start with wedding invites.

I discovered torn edges, envelope liners, wax seals, envelope addressing, twine to wrap them together, custom maps, double sided or single sided, translucent velum wraps, coloured envelopes, the list goes on.

Not only did I have all of that to consider, there was also the colour scheme, and what type of floral print, if I even wanted a floral print.


This is after all the first part of our big day our guests are going to receive and I wanted it just right.

All my dreams were answered when I came across Trouvaille Invitations on Etsy.


I explained through email exactly what my vision was and with their expertise they brought my creations to life.

Soft sand coloured envelopes with a dried floral arrangement sits to the edge of the envelope.


Our names and wedding date scrolled in gold foil to the centre.


Sealed proudly with a ‘W’.


White wax seals, seal the precious invite. Waxed and sent over from Lydia Packham while she was living in the mountains. Now back in the UK she offers amazing Calligraphy courses online.

Noted just above that, ‘Adam and Joanne, Tying the knot’


When opened, the main invite is pulled out. A thick double sided card invitation.


Initials and names placed in the middle surrounded by dusty pink roses and pampas grass.


On the other.

The exact cove of Ibiza which we will saying our vows on, lays illustrated above our wedding invites.

The cool blue of the sea standing out against the neutrals of the dried flowers and gold foil calligraphy.


Inside we also placed a map of the island, pin pointing key locations and the RSVP card.


Guests are then left with the most beautiful floral display bursting out of the envelope.


Happy is an understatement.

This is just the beginning and has put me in full swing of planning our big day.


Looking for your own wedding invites, send Trouvaille Invitations a message.

And even if your not, Pinterest this page onto your secret board, because I promise you it will come in handy.

Think of this as your virtual invite, because I’ll be taking you along every step of the way.


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