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Summer Begins ;;

So Summer has begun for me, and with only two jobs now it means more time to lap up on some much need sunning. So i went to see Shrek 3D and me and the boyfriend were so amazed at…


The Sunday Blues

So i have just submitted my entry to the Cosmo blog awards, and would appreciate if anyone else would be willing to vote for me to. I have had the best and busiest few days. I had Thursday and Friday…


Cosmopolitan July 2010

Excited. I have just been onto as i was going to talk about their July issue i have just brought, to see they are giving an award for the best blog. It has to be no older than six…


Polish ♥

001 Its been about a week since i last blogged, however alot to update on. I had a nice little buy from Topshop as they launched their Summer sale on Monday. I brought a gorgeous white long Maxi dress (perfect…


Something Borrowed

♥ 001 So i had this weekend of which was really nice, since having three jobs is so tiring. I was meant to head down to the airshow; fireworks, rides and alcohol. However the weather wasn’t as nice, instead i…


Wear of the weekend.

                                                                  001I have defiantly found my best by this…