Shirt - Matalan
Leggings - primark
Sandles - All Saints

Hello all, just on my MacBook :) agh, i'm in love, everything is so different though i had to google where the delete button was and believe it or not it was just the backspace button!
I went and picked it up yesterday but only just got a chance to get on it. You were all right its fantastic!

So my outfit posts will more than likely be a day behind, so this post is of me yesterday. I was debating weather or not to do a separate post for my latest buy, but i don't really have enough time with 7 essays to do and 12 fashion illustrations still to get done. The shirt is a new buy from Matalan and it reminded me of the one in Topshop a while back i was thinking of getting it when it was full price but wasn't too keen so when it went half price i defiantly had to buy it. I still don't no if i like it very much it one makes me look extra shorter and two a little granny-ish, but i like the colour etc so it's a keeper.
A few posts back i mentioned i brought some All Saints sandals on ASOS here and i couldn't wait to wear them. Before i even saw them i fell in love with the packaging, think this is a box i'm going to keep.

Im thinking of doing a new page for my drawings and stuff as i don't wanna clog my blog up.

Thank you all for your comments and emails and even more so for following, i'm on twitter as well for all you tweeters @joannechristina 



  1. I love the top, it was a great buy. I love the big tops and skinny bottoms look. It's great :0)

  2. Hooola guapa!!
    me encantan tu look!!
    las sandalias son una monada!!
    un besooo

    Sweet style

  3. you look so pretty :)

    xo lala


  4. I love that blouse! It's so delicate and pretty.



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