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Im struggling to decide what hair to go with/stick with. When I was brown I wanted to be blonde and when Im blonde I miss being brown. Im thinking of just sticking between the two. I don't want to go back to all bleach highlights, thats for sure. Why is it such a tough decision.
I've not posted a lot. I went home last week, for a week. And was happy to leave my Mac Book at Uni. I had been sat in front of the thing every night doing essays, so was happy to not see it for a few days. 
After my lectures its to dark to take photos. So I have to take photos on my days of/early finish days. Next week ill be back on the ball. 
Only 12 days till I go home for Christmas. Makes Christmas so much more special. 


  1. I think your hair looks gogeous in the 3rd picture down!

  2. I love the first pic, gorgeous hair and pretty eyes! x

  3. Both colours really suit you but if your unsure I would deffo opt for an in the middle colour. I love that type of colour! Or brown with blonde tips

    Rianna xxx

  4. Me encanta el color de pelo que tenias en diciembre de 2010!! Besos y feliz domingo guapa

  5. I love the caramel colour (third pic) or brown :)

    T x


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