The Sunday Blues

So i have just submitted my entry to the Cosmo blog awards, and would appreciate if anyone else would be willing to vote for me to.
I have had the best and busiest few days. I had Thursday and Friday of, worked all day and night on Saturday and Sunday. Finely i get to write!

Thursday 8 July 2010
Now College is all finished with i actually get those days of now. Those days will include shopping and heading to the beach. Before i forget on the last day of College we had to vote for various things and these are the ones i received awards for: hardest worker, most improved, most motivated, person of the year and person to most likely go far. So happy with myself.
So Thursday i hit the beach leaving with a glowing tan and sunglasses marks. I managed to cover them up very well to then head out for a night out with a bottle of Wine and drinks £1 all night.
It was such a good night i didn’t get any photos of what i was wearing, but i wore a dress from Topshop from the petite range. I will show a photo soon. This is the only photo.

I also went down to the harbour and arranged my boyfriends 21st birthday party its on the 30th July. Its so scary as its a surprise, and my mum wont be there and neither will his, I’m sure ill be fine. I hope he doesn’t find out. I’m also taking him paint balling the day before. I’m too good to him :).

See i have an issue with him and presents. We went through a rough patch where he thought it was OK to get me nothing for Christmas, even though i had brought him an Armani watch XBox games, etc. After 3 months i got a Love Links bracelet. Then for my birthday, nothing again.. He didn’t have a job so i did let him of, and he did surprise me with a meal with all of my friends. However i thought he may of made it up to me now he has got a job… Lets wait and see.
What do you guys think… Is it selfish to want to want presents?

Friday 9th July

After a very long drunk walk home i crashed in bed followed by a breakfast with my friends in the morning, preparing us for the beach. It was nice to have nothing to do. My boyfriend also decide to take me out for a meal, yummy pizza with mushrooms. Then back to work i went. My season 5 of One Tree Hill came as well. YAY.

So i didn’t get to do allot of shopping but working in Matalan means i can shop while i work. I brought some really really hot high waisted soft linen trousers. As well as the Hawaiian bikini i discussed below, looks great on. I was worried it would make me look a bit flat or push my flabby bits down but it didn’t, fitted really well. I also brought another bikini a shiny green one, doesn’t sound very nice but lovely on.

I need to take some photos to keep you up to date with my wardrobe! I’m loving my Miss Selfridges shoes with ribbon, getting lots of compliments and are very comfy.


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