Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Crop Top – Topshop

Skirt – Topshop Petite

Plain Black Tights

Cardigan – Matalan

I honestly wasn’t keen on wearing a crop top when its absolutely freezing outside but i could not find a plain black top, how crazy. I spent the day wrapping my cardigan around me, kept me warm though! I then had my two hour English lesson which this week went surprisingly quick. 

I have decided not to round the edges of my photos now it take far to long and i want a better layout on here.

I found an amazing blog which me and the college girls were amazed with. She’s called Voe, i saw her on Lookbook and could not believe she was 14. She is crazily gorgeous, we just could not believe she was 14, i think she is a singer or something not sure as i couldn’t translate all her pages.

Im going to be working on a new page layout and background sometime this week if i catch up with some work. And that is what my day of is going to consist of, work, work, work.