Black & White

Dress – Vintage

Belt – River Island

Shoes – New Look

Bracelet – Topshop/Matalan

001 Last night was my best friends 20th birthday party and the theme was black and white. I thought most people would opt for the black option so I decided to go with a white dress that belonged to my Mum from when she was younger, vintage ;). Its actually quite long so i put a silver belt (the only belt I now own as i realised) and kinda did a quick tuck and roll, you can probably tell but it did the job and kept the dress just above my fake tanned knees. I then went with black shoes and a black clutch with a black ribbon bracelet which i brought from Matalan in there Destiny concession which is also sold at Topshop for a more expensive price. 

Overall the party was a good night, and got me in the mood for NYE :). Me and Aaron are hoping to go to London but we shall see, considering it’s tomorrow we have left it very late to plan.

The birthday girl is Jenny, she’s the girl in the middle with the coral topshop dress on which I wore on boxing day. This dress is actually what I was planning to wear until i noticed it was a black and white theme.

002 I logged into my UCAS account yesterday to find that my tutor hasn’t sent my application of, so it seems. It says that they are still waiting to hear back from my college and have my reference from my tutor. I am so angry, I have been so eager to hear back and now my application will be late, so that wont look good either! I emailed my tutor but have not heard anything back yet. 

003 Back to college after the weekend and I have done it again, promised myself to do work yet have done nothing, not even a line! I still need to find an illustrator and draw in there style. You can see my illustrations by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog. Then I need to evaluate everything plus about three essays. Work, work, work, my own fault though. 

I am looking forward to getting back into a routine though. I have not been to the gym once yet alone get up early.

004 I’ve been thinking of my January wants post, and I’m thinking of doing it on those head warmer things? But can’t find a lot of photos.

Im also going to be doing a YouTube video for my New Years Eve Outfit, so make sure your a subscriber.




  1. January 8, 2011 / 7:17 am

    Your hair looks amazing!

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