Secret Santa

Dress – Jane Norman

001 I never shop in Jane Norman but i found this dress in the Jane Norman concession at Debenhams. I brought it for my boyfriends 21st and also wore it a post ages ago on a night out; Feeling Folky. Jane Norman is not a shop i would particulary choose to go in, i tend to thing it trys to be high street but not quite up to standards. I love how body hugging it is, it also has a cute bow on the back which i did take a photo of but im currently writting this post at college and i didnt upload the photo to my photobuckt, but i shall add it tomorrow for you all.

I wore my Topshop leather jacket with it to keep me warm.
002 College is over tomorrow for nearly four weeks and i so cannot wait. I need to work so much as Christmas is deffinatly going to leave me pennieless, I also need to get my butt to the gym more than twice a week.

Me and the girls did our secret Santas and i was brought a gorgeous Topshop scarf from Charlotte; Camel Knot Tassel Knit Scarf. I had to buy a present for Chloe and i decided to buy her some New Look shoes she wanted.

I also wrote and finished my personal statment and chose my five university choices;

  1. University of the Arts London

  2. University of Southampton

  3. University for the Creative Arts

  4. University of Brighton

  5. The Arts University College at Bournemouth

I will be sending my application of tomorrow, does anyone have any views on these Universities for fashion? Or maybe you go or went there, i would love to no what there like.
003 All week I’m going to be working 6 till midnight, I am going to be so tired. Me and Aaron started putting up the christmas tree last night, still needs to be finished.
I had a good night on Saturday but felt it the next day, why is it when you drink the next day nothing tastes nice. It’s a nightmare. I know my blogging has been a nightmare, but the internet at home is a real nightmare, i promise to be back to normal!




  1. December 14, 2010 / 8:43 pm

    aww you look stunning πŸ˜‰

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