♥ Weekly Portrait #7

My week has been very boring. College was cancelled on Tuesday and Wednesday, work was cancelled on Thursday and today. All because of the snow! Plus i didn’t even get to go out in the snow i stayed cooped up inside. 
So I’m currently sitting watching friends and doing some internet shopping. I saw a girl wearing a really beautiful faux fur gilet and i luckily heard her tell her friend it was from New Look. How great. I absolutely love it but it’s £30 and the size 8 is low in stock. I was about to by it but since i have a parking ticket at £35 to pay i’m thinking that should be paid tonight. BOO. I am so so hoping its in stock next week sometime 😐 So i can buy it then. Pay days like less than 2 weeks away so will just have to work at the bar a little more. God damn parking ticket!
I should be getting on with my work now as i have a presentation on Tuesday which i have not even started and 11 essays to begin.
I’m also thinking about buying some fake eyelashes and wearing them the odd time, although my lashes are really long anyway. I never liked wearing them when i was blonde as I didn’t like the whole ‘fake’ perception.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.