You can’t have a broken heart in the City

I left for London yesterday and its not quite what I expected. Firstly Aaron didn’t travel up with me which made my first night that little bit harder, and the travelling I done today, well it was enough to last me. 

I have my own room and i’m staying with family, however they are currently on holiday so i’m alone, which is making me feel… well lonely. 

Today was much better and it really took my mind of being away from home. I thought it would be a good idea to find my way to where I will be working for my internship and it turned out to be a disaster.

When I got to the tube station I did not even no what kind of pass to get, I finely was told to get an oyster card, which i done and i put £10 on it which I can say has been spent in one day.

So I got on my tube on my way to baker street, but the map on the train showed (at least I thought it did) that it went straight to Southwark. I was wrong. I ended up staying on the tube all the way to Stratford, and this took over 2 and a half hours due to tube delays and having to stop at every stop for 15 minuets plus. 

By this point I was completely lost, and after about 20 minuets of look at the map above I figured out that I had to get to Bond Street to get me to Baker Street to get me to Southwark. It took a long time.

The building is huge, its one of those glass buildings and had security on the door. Im going to be scared to even walk through the doors tomorrow.

Then the best part of my day began, my best friend Jenny was coming to London today for her second year anniversary and she wanted to meet me, so we went for drinks, was nice to see someone I knew instead of a Mr Bean lookalike that had sat in front of me, lifting his leg up and “just checking to see if i had a hole”, yes I did not need to no that. 

On the way home my tube was cancelled so I also had to figure out the bus routes, all in all a nightmare day, but was worth it. 

I do miss home and I am very nervous! 

PS I have an interview for LCF (and Westminster), 



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