iPhoto Weekly Blogger ♥ Week Eleven

Photos from Summer. I didn’t take any photos this week. So got seven of my favourite ones from this Summer to take my mind away from the dull and gloom outside. 

The lack of posts this week are simply because I’ve literally been in my Pj’s all week. I’ve had a week of to get work done and apart from having an interview this week, thats what I’ve been doing. 

I have another week of as my deadlines are coming up but Ill try and fit some outfit posts in. 

My interview with Case PR was literally two minuets long. I spent £15 on trains and had to take 4 trains, for two minuets. It was a tiny office with less than eight girls. In the end it was an unpaid internship for as long as I want but they only paid for my train in zones 1 and 2. So i would be loosing at least £30 a week. Im so disappointed I cant take the chance to do this. 

But it just shows you. If you go into fashion. Prepare to be a slave when you begin. 



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  1. November 7, 2011 / 12:20 am

    Makes me want to go back to summer so bad! Great pictures…and shame about the internship 🙁 x

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