If I had one wish

Leather Jacket Topshop / Boots Matalan / Leggings Matalan / Knitted Jumper George / Bag Charity shop

With 45 minuets to get ready before a lecture today, I threw on a knitted jumper and some leggings. Today it was all about Maths. For those of you who think Fashion is an easy subject, you are so wrong, it really is all about Maths. Ratios, percentages, blah blah blah. Its was a nightmare for me, Im not the best at Maths. 

I’ve had some really exciting emails in regards to Internships, from the looks of it I’m going to take the Daily Express Internship, but I wont start till the end of the month. 

Just reached 270 followers on Google. Thank you all. And if you don’t already, follow my tweets on Twitter.