Nike Mid Blazers – Bordeaux

Nike Mid Blazers – Bordeaux and Black 

Looking at these online at Office, they wouldn’t stand out and I defiantly wouldnt buy them. But when I saw them in the Office concession at Topshop Oxford Street, I was drawn to them right away. 
The colour is so rich and gorgeous and there is so much detail on them, right down to the imprinted stars around the edges. I love that they have a brogue effect on the front, makes them a little different to the original Nike blazer that I wanted to begin with.

Before I saw these I had these velvet wedge hi-tops in my basket. I was tempted to get both especially since Topshop had 20% of all Topshop items for students. But I had to resist and stop myself. Ill treat myself once I have a job. 

All I need now is this mid length dress to go along with these. I just cant get my head around almost £30 for a plain mid length dress. Going to eBay before I make the purchase.


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