Imagine opening a bag that is just as exciting on the inside as it is on the outside

I was invited along to take a look at Capulet London’s new collection pieces. I wore this H&M dress. I have to say they are incredible. It was also nice to get to meet the two main people behind Capulet; a couple, one being the designer and the other the business half to it. 

My favourite piece was the snake skin clutch, all pieces have a beautiful orange suede lining which make them such a statement piece. 

The clutches and bags are designed around the handiness of being able to hold your laptops, Kindles, iPads, iphone and even an 11 inch Macbook pro. Strong and reliable, with no worries of your gadget being to heavy, which is always my worry when I put my Macbook in any bag. I always end up holding it in my arms for insurance. 

I would like to say a thank you to every at Capulet and Red Rooster for inviting me, letting me bring along two friends, for the amazing goody bags (which I left behind stupidly enough but am being sent in the post) and for hosting such a pleasant evening. 


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