Leather Jacket Vintage/ Vest top c/o Brat and Suzie / Leggings H&M / Watch Michael Kors / Bag Guess / Rings Topshop 

Despite it being Autumn/Winter I still like to wear tops that when you take you big fluffy jacket of, hangs a delicate piece of cotton. This Brat and Suzie shirt, (that is not yet on their website, but as soon as it is I will let you no), is one of those perfect pieces. Especially with the cute reindeer print. ADORABLE. 

Aaron and me went for a long walk to a nearby park to snap some photos, only to realise that I hadn’t charged my camera, such a rookie error. So by the time we got home we ended up taking these on the normal road we usually do. Now he’s living in Epsom, Ill be taking full advantage of having my photographer.

I have had such a long week of late 5am nights, or I should say mornings as I had a deadline on Friday and now its all over, I was given my next brief today. All work and no play makes me so grumpy. 

So I treated myself to this River Island cross print midi dress I’ve had my eye on for a long while. 

Im going to add outfit videos on cineagram, for those that have it search for joannechristina


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