Jumper – H&M

Leather Leggings – Warehouse

Chelsea Boots – ASOS

Bag – Guess


Look at how much better the quality of my photo are. You don’t realise until you try other cameras how much of a difference an upgrade in a lens can be. Shame that yellow car is in the way. Could it be any brighter – photo ruiner. 

I got this jumper last weekend, its a perfect light weight jumper for Summer time. Its another jumper I want to wear with some Levi shorts and a hat. I cant find it on the H&M website, but it is one of there basics and was around £7.99

I’ve also changed the size of my photos so they are not as large. Hopefully it will make a nicer viewing on the blog. 

I start work at 8pm tonight (an hour away) so quickly putting this post together. 

I have some very exciting things to come for Petite Side Of Style which I have started working on today. I don’t want to spill the beans just yet – but soon I will. 

Have a good weekend everyone. I hopefully will be uploading a video a Sunday but you can keep up to date with my on twitter @joannechristina or on instagram – petitesideofstyle

Oh and I do love adding Aaron to the blog. It makes sense since most of his clothing I choose for him. A little bit of man for all you ladies haha.


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